Dev Post #10 – 11/7/2016 to 11/11/2016

Storing The New Damages Information Now that I have the tablet finished and the new billing data being sent with the RCR submissions, the next task is processing and saving that data into our database. Currently we're receiving the data but just kind of ignoring it. The additions for this were relatively trivial. It was … Continue reading Dev Post #10 – 11/7/2016 to 11/11/2016

Dev Post #9 – 10/31/2016 to 11/4/2016

Finishing Up Tablet Updates Due to the issue we were running into last week with the "Save" button not actually doing much saving, we've opted to change the text to "Continue" to reflect the idea that changes will persist as you make them, not after you press the save button. In essence the button on … Continue reading Dev Post #9 – 10/31/2016 to 11/4/2016