Dev Post #12 – 11/21/2016 to 11/25/2016

There’s not going to be much to say about what I worked on this week, especially since it’s the week of Thanksgiving and campus is closed starting on Thursday.

Finishing Testing New Damages Repository

I started out the week by finishing up refactoring all my tests, and then proceeded to refactoring the code I was testing now relying on my tests to tell me when I horribly destroy anything. This is how much of Monday and Tuesday went. I worked on splitting up the code into smaller methods, extracted fields and variables where possible, moved functions to new helper classes to logically separate the code some more. I didn’t make it perfect, but I made it a lot better without a doubt.

After I finished refactoring the code I swapped it back in where the original code from removed, so now instead of having that gross code, I was now using the heavily refactored and improved repository (completing our goal of being able to use this repository anywhere where the initial functionality is required).

Creating a New Endpoint

All of Wednesday was spent looking into how to create a new public endpoint. I explored adding MVC2 controllers to the project, but ended up sitting with my boss to add something called a WebService with a WebMethod in Webforms. I was completely unaware this existed and didn’t know what I was looking for enough to find it in my searching. We created a test endpoint and played around with sending it data from Postman – by the end of the day we figured out how to send and receive JSON. The next step here is to create the endpoint my application will be pointing to and building out the necessary code to make the endpoint functional.

I’m really excited with the progress we made this week and look forward to fleshing this out some more next week. There’s a lot of work ahead to be sure, but it’s productive and I enjoy having to learn a lot of new things to complete the task.